Advanced Bible Training

[2nd year]

Our Objectives
To empower the local Church with a Heritage of Faith.
To infuse the Spirit of Christ into the church.
To bring each graduate to a place of a real and vital relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ.

Course description

The second year curriculum consists of the following subjects:
1. Fruit of the Spirit 
2. Character of God 
3. Ministry of Jesus 
4. Authority of the Believer 
5. How to be led by the Holy Spirit 
6. Developing Spiritual Maturity 
7. Relationships, Covenant and Marriage 
8. Gifts of the Holy Spirit 
9. Principles of Prayer II 
10. Soul Winning 
11. Introduction to Ministry 
12. Excellence in Ministry

Our methods of teaching

Live class lectures

Upon successful completion of Year 2, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.