Specialised Ministry Training

[5th year]

There is a continuous need in the Kingdom of God to discuss topics that are applicable to day to day living.
Students entering the Specialised Ministry Training will be required to research, write a proposal and comprehensive assignment on a chosen topic.
Entrance Requirements
Scholars must have:
Successfully completed all the requirements for the Advanced Ministry Training.
A proposal is to be submitted outlining the approach to the study focus, including goals and objectives.
The proposal should indicate the students understanding of the plans and purposes of God and how their chosen topic is applicable in day to day living.
Study Topics

What is the Kingdom of God?

o   Establishment

o   Constitution

o   Vision

o   Revelation

o   Prophetic understanding

 Apostolic or Prophetic Mandate for the Modern Church

o   New Wine Skins

o   Church Reformation

o   Apostolic Authority

o   Vision and Values

o   Networks

 The present day Scholastic approach to Hermeneutics

o   Analyses

o   Etymology

o   Exegesis

o   Prophecy

o   Eschatology

 Spiritual Leadership

o   Potential

o   Spiritual

o   Visionary

o   Transformation

o   Destiny

The Hebrew Factor in Contemporary Christianity

o   Biblical History

o   God’s Chosen

o   Judaism

o   The relevance of the Old Testament

o   Law and Grace
Students may choose from any of the above topics for research [each topic has leading indicators]. The research is to be written as a comprehensive assignment with the following guidelines; where applicable; Research must be authentic and original. Research and study field of interest are to carry valid and authentic authorship [i.e. Eschatology will carry concepts of a presentable worldview]. Clarity must be lent to the meaning of original terms. Definition must be given to use in the life of Jesus in contrast to Jewish concepts. Indication must be given as to what place the chosen topic has in todays life. Relationship to both old and new covenants should be understood. Prophetic character [if any] should be defined.
Study duration:
Minimum twelve months.

Registration valid for two years.

Upon successful completion the Masters Degree will be certified and issued by the USA – Heritage of Faith Bible Institute.